Saturday, 21 December 2013

World Cigarettes News and Articles

By Mary John

Cigarettes smoking were started as rolling of tobacco in the paper and smoking it. After that, Washington Duke rolled the cigarettes and sold to people in 1865 at North Carolina. Read More
Lorillard Tobacco Company have first introduced Newport Cigarettes in the year of 1957. This company was located in Greensbro in North Carolina at United States. Read More
Philip Morris international is the American Tobacco and Cigarette Company. Nearly 200 products have been manufactured in this company. Read More
Pallmall is the leading branded cigarettes produced by R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company. Also British American Tobacco have producing this product. Read More
The Leading Tobacco Company "R.J.Reynolds" have introduced this kool cigarettes in 1933. They have first introduced this Kool Menthol branded cigarette. Read More
Lucky Strike Cigarettes are leading American branded cigarettes, which have been marketing by British American Tobacco Company.  Read More
Beedi is a type of Indian Cigarette. Beedi is filled with tobacco flake. Tobacco flake is made by pressing tobacco under maximum pressure for certain period in the form of cube. Read More
Electronic Cigarettes is also known as E-Cigarettes. It is considered as alternative of traditional cigarettes and resembles as traditional cigarettes. Read More
While smoking, smokers will use ashtray for putting the ashes from cigarettes.  Read More
Cigarette Holders are used for holding the cigarettes from smoker’s mouth. It looks very stylish and safety purpose also. Read More
In our world, we can use each and every product for multi-purpose. In the same way, we can use these cigarettes for making different kind of Arts. Read More

Cigarette Wrappers or packets are usually in rectangular shapes which contain cigarettes. Read More

Get Beautiful video of In Session: Princess Chelsea - Cigarette Duet Read More

How to Choose the right cigarette brand? Read More

How to light a cigarette? Read More

Top 10 Cigarettes

Cigarette Prices in Canada 2014 Read More

International Cigarette Prices 2004 Read More


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